1. Realtime web application

1.1. Context of project

After-Sales plateform. It includes third party widget, for front uses. A backend for back office and an admin app.

1.2 Stack of project

Socket.io, node.js, PHP, Yii.

2. BI Applications

2.1. Context of project

BI dashboard in comunication with “Sage CRM”

2.2. Stack of project

AngularJs, node.js, MongoDB, SQL Server.

3. E-Health

3.1. Context of project

I participated to build My home touch. The main subject of the project is heath care of older person.

3.2. Stack of project

AngularJs, node.js, MongoDB.

4. Document Manager System

4.1 Context of project

I worked in the team of Open Bee. The first DMS of France.

4.2. Stack of project

Angular, Symfony, Play, MongoDB, Mysql…

5. E-Tourism

5.1 Context of project

A B2B plateform, including a channel manager.

5.2. Stack of project

Symfony, Fat Free, XML..