This website is build in 3 minutes by CLI only. And it’s really easy.

1. Requirement

2. How TO

First of all, ‘hugo’ is a static site generator. The content is will be converted from markdown to html.

The fist command will generate the basic site stucture:

hugo new site yourSite

Choose your hugo theme or build your own. Add some config by editing config.toml

then, start your dev server

hugo server -D

The server will start in watch mode. it means the browser will refresh when you edit your files.

You can now add some content by executing this commande:

hugo new posts/

this will create a file under content folder, as you name it. In this cas, it will be ‘content/posts/’.

if you want to build your HTML version of your website execute:

hugo server -wDs path/of/dev-folder -d path/of/prod-folder

Finnaly just execute hugo. This will build your website inside public directory. Now you’re ready :)

That’s it. Now you have a website. You can push the your ot other hosting service.